Fees & Pricing

We are a full service animal clinic. These are just a few of our services. Please call us at 251-343-5033 with questions or prices on any other services.

Each new patient must be seen by a doctor upon their first visit. The examination fee is $40. Pets that have already been spayed or neutered will receive a $10 discount on the examination fee ($30).

The exam fee is included in spay/neuter pricing.

Cat Surgery Price Dog Surgery Prices:
Neuter (male) $35 Puppy Neuter* $55
Spay (female) $50 Adult Dog Neuter $60**
Puppy Spay* $60

Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleaning if done at same time as spay/neuter




Adult Dog Spay $65**

On entry into the hospital, if your pet has FLEAS medication will be given at the cost of $5.00; if TICKS are seen a medication will be given at the cost of $23.00
*Puppy is less than 5 months old as determined by dental exam by Veterinarian.
**Additional charges will be assessed for animals in heat or pregnant ($20), un-descended testicles ($20), or excessively large animals (additional $20 if 60+ pounds; additional $40 if 80+ pounds.)

Additional Services: Prices:
Pre-Surgical Bloodwork (BUN, TP, Glucose, PCV) $49.50
Microchip Application and Registration $28
IV Catheter Placement and Intra-operative fluids $19.59
Nail Trim $5.50
Feline Vaccination and Testing: Canine Vaccination and Testing:
1 or 3 year Rabies $13.75 1 or 3 year Rabies $13.75
FVRCP Vaccination $13.75 Parvo/Distemper (“5 in 1”) Vaccination $13.75
Leukemia Vaccination $18.75 Bordatella Vaccination $13.75
Leukemia/FIV/HW test $32.00 Heartworm Test $21.50
Fecal Exam (check for worms) $13.75 Fecal Exam (check for worms) $13.75

Any patient coming in for vaccines/other services that does NOT see a veterinarian will be charged a $10 technician fee for any 2+ services done at that time.

For a pet’s first Rabies vaccination, they must receive a 1 year vaccine. The following year a pet can receive the 3 year Rabies booster.

Other Additional Services Include:

Anal Gland Expression: $21.06

Rear Dew Claw Removal: $13.75 (*prices may vary depending on size/type of dewclaws)

Umbilical Hernia Repair: $20 (*additional sedation charges may apply)

Major Profile Blood Work: $107

Thyroid Test: $36.75

Tooth Extractions: $13.75-$250 (With Dental Cleaning)

Additional services available by quotation.